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Rebuilding life after domestic violence

​Back to Basics- from a DV survivor

‘Returning to the fundamental aspects of something’ ‘Return to basic instruction; start the learning process over again.’ ‘Back to fundamental principles, as in The plans are much too elaborate; too complicated’ ‘To stay in our budget we have to get back to basics.’ ‘Abandoning complication...


One step at a time

Rebuilding life after domestic violence is not easy People will say you should be happy you are out, what are you upset about that is all over… The steps to rebuilding your life come from what people discussed in the book Broken to Brilliant. We talked about moving from being broken to brilliant...


Getting started with the steps to rebuilding your life after domestic violence

It’s not easy to rebuild your life after leaving an abusive relationship. We know we have been there. It can also feel daunting to login and look at all this content. The 6 steps that have been included in this course (so far) are what we struggled with and had to go back and relearn and focus...